FOTS Toronto

Fellowship of the Spirit (FOTS) is a Big Book, God-centered, Spirit awakening conference, filled with Powerful AA talks & experiential step talks. The FOTS conference originated in Colorado 3 decades ago and has since exploded in AA communities all over the world.

In 2016, through a series of meditations, the Spirit guided us to bring this conference to Toronto, Canada. Our conference and resulting Facebook page, began and grew from that desire to continue the conversation of the language of the heart that the Spirit started through Bill Wilson & Dr Bob Smith, in 1935.

The FOTS Toronto Facebook group is a place where you can share notices of Conferences / Workshops / Speakers Series and similar AA events (for online events please note, all your flyers are collected and posted together daily and as one post by admin, provided they fit the above categories)

Post a message on the Mad Dog Facebook group if you would like to be invited to the FOTS Toronto group.

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